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Shawn Hair Fine Art

    Shawn Hair 1955 Hilo, HI, USA
    Oil Painting -- Utopic (Impressionism)


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    Colorful impressionist paintings

Shawn Hair Statement

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      Sun-drenched and colorful impressionist paintings from Hawaii resident artist Shawn Hair. Shawn's paintings inspire many feelings, from comfort to exhilaration. He paints with bold colors and brush strokes that relay his own enthusiasm for his subjects. The way he emphasizes his inspiration is his message to the viewer which his paint reveals in a language all can understand. With passion and skill he forms his impressionistic images preserving the integrity of his subject. From the tranquility of a landscape to the joy of a figure or delicacy of a flower, his masterful control of his brush conveys all.

    Shawn Hair Contact Information

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      Shawn Hair
      Orchid Isle Fine Art

      Hcr 1 Box 4687
      Keaau, Hi, US 96749-9606

      Home Phone: 808-982-6211


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    Created on: 02/26/2000
    Updated on: 01/07/2004

    Shawn Hair | Oil Painting | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Hilo, Hawaii artist, Shawn Hair, featuring utopic, impressionism oil painting.

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