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[Bad-ass] ultra-cool, genuinely intriguing, with supreme style, so bad it's good. Featuring the award-winning contemporary southwest art of Arthur James West "Art" (a.k.a. Alan Heuer) and his whimsical, colorful, visionary oil painting landscapes of the West & Beyond. A Taos Icon, Art West is now living and PainTing BADass Color in Albuquerque, New Mexico with a working artist studio / art gallery in downtown Santa Fe - Art West Studio.

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Art James West

PainTing BAD-ass Color!

Art James West (a.k.a. Alan Heuer) uses oil paint to paint bad-ass color in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Taos, the West & Beyond. A souwhtwest artist and master oil painter by way of Wyoming and New York City, Art came to New Mexico in 2000 to immerse himself in the contemporary southwest art scene and develop a unique painting style. In a short time he established himself as a contemporary of the original Taos School. Now an internationally collected Taos Icon, he won the Taos Fall Arts Festival "Taos Invites Taos" (now Taos Select) best representational painting in 2006.

"Basically, I'm a contemporary representional expressionist, with a lot of color and a bit of humor, what I call Landscapes of the West and Beyond. Mostly I do the southwest and especially the area around Taos, Santa Fe and Albuquerque with a bit of Wyoming, New York and conceptual art thrown in. I do not use the term contemporary to mean abstract, 20th Century Modern Art. For me contemporary means contemporary. It means I'm a living, producing artist.

"My predilection is to paint what's fantastic about the American West, though I'm by no means limited even by that genre. American Western Romanticism is no longer just horses, cowboys and untainted western wilderness. That was the 1860s. The American West of the 21st Century has grown up with sparkling cities, roads and cars. But a bit of the Old West remains. Especially in our romaticized view of it.

"To me the Contemporary American West and especially New Mexico and the Southwest manifest what I call romantic inversionism -- the Land of Enchantment, Santa Fe as The City Different, magical realism at the edge of the Rockies, places where the light and shadow shift constantly, with four distinct seasons, -- Los Alamos and the bomb, Taos and the Tewa Pueblo.

"As a contemporary visionary oil painter, I strive to capture and describe something instantly and almost beyond words, of things on the edge of change -- whether real or imagined, or a conceptual fantistic combination of both, what I call Utopic Displacement -- both real and not real, crescent moons, shadow vs. brilliant sunlight, dreams vs reality, or urban vs. rural, things that are too fleeting to paint "in plein air". I constantly explore the reality around me looking for "event horizons", for the joy that lies beyond.

"I'm more of a romantic and representational expressionist than a realist and recently have been identified as an inversionist. Although inversionism is a term still being defined by the artists who work with it, I rather like it and think it helps describe my colorful, distinct not quite traditional oil painting style.

"The website "Inversionism" describes inversionism to some extent, as an escape from reality and manifestation of a fantastic almost imaginary realm, to moments on the event horizon, not quite real, but not fantasy either, something which is simultaneously inherent of the actual reality and infinitely distant from it, a kind of "counter-essence".

Technically, inversionism can effect any potential characteristic of an image such as color, composition, or its element, its form, and even content.

More about my art.

Art West Studio
112 W. San Francisco Street, Suite 109, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

Art West Studio, located in the lower level of the Plaza Mercado, is the Santa Fe fine art gallery and working artist studio of master oil painter, Art James West, a contemporary southwest artist & Taos Icon.


Art West Studio
Suite 109, 112 W. San Francisco Street
Santa Fe, NM 87501
505.629.9438 (Call Ahead)

Secret Window Gallery
47 Third Street
Monument, Colorado

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Contemporary Southwest Art | Santa Fe | Art West Studo
Art West Studio, featuring Santa Fe artist and Taos Icon ART JAMES WEST - colorful, whimsical, visionary! Representational, post modern original oil paintings for sale. Buy contemporary Southwest art direct from the artist at his downtown Santa Fe art gallery.

Art James West. All Rights Reserved. Art West Studio, 112 W. San Francisco Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501
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