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Southwestern Expressions

    Susan Stone Salas 1962 Santa Fe, NM, USA
    Painting -- Native American (Representational)


Susan Stone Salas My Art

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    Art about 1800 North American history, including works about wild horses, Native peoples, and sprituality.

    In addition to Painting Native American Representational artwork, Susan Stone Salas also works in the following:
    Media: Mixed Media
    Genres: Native American
    Styles: Misc.

Susan Stone Salas Statement

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      I consider visual art to be
      a lot like a language, and for me
      it must speak truth,
      in order for it to firmly
      uphold its depth and meaning.
      I enjoy painting about complex
      personal insights, the world of horses,
      topics surrounding wild life conservation,
      and 1800 American History.
      My work is dedicated to those
      injured and beaten down,
      because they're voice is so seemingly silent.
      My vision is to form bridges of understanding,
      and to thus enhance the human heart through the
      universal language of art.

      - 2002 Susan Stone Salas

    Susan Stone Salas Contact Information

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      Susan Stone Salas
      Susan Stone Salas Studio

      1326 Lujan St.#10
      Santa Fe, Nm, US 87505

      Home Phone: (505) 438-3178
      Work Phone: (505) 913-0496
      Fax: (505)438-3178


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    Created on: 07/06/2002
    Updated on: 01/07/2004

    Susan Stone Salas | Painting | International Artist Directory
    The Artists' Window Online unveils Santa Fe, New Mexico artist, Susan Salas, featuring native american, representational painting.

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