Raging Solitude

by Art West a.k.a. Alan Heuer

38" x 44" oil painting

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About this Painting

Inside us all lies a
Bit of raging solitude , something primordial.

"Raging Solitude" captures the primordial, a place we go to find bliss, to get away from it all, to find solitude, Walden's Pond as it were. But, this is no Walden's Pond, no ordinary bliss, this is a place of great violence and upheaval, where mighty rivers rage and mountains tumble. Inside us all lies a bit of raging solitude. Now, imagine, if you will, the mighty sound of raging solitude. I know you can hear it. Listen. That's called joy! And my gift to you. Enjoy.


In the real world, ?Raging Solitude?, lies just outside my hometown of Lander, Wyoming, at the foot of the mighty Wind River Mountains that once rose to an amazing 60,000 feet. The Winds are still considered among the most rugged mountains and wilderness on the planet.

These falls, caught during the spring runoff, are just one of several Popo Agie falls (pronounced "po po ghe a") as the river tumbles rapidly down through a tangle of boulders and woods, into the side of a mountain ?The Sinks? then out again, then finally out into Lander Valley. This is one of the higher of the Popo Agie falls and a pretty good hike. Great for swimming if you don't mind the cold.

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    Art James West - "Art West" - Contemporary Southwest Art
    Visionary, Colorful, Whimsical - Landscapes of the West and Beyond

    Art James West, award winning Taos Icon and contemporary southwest artist. Art considers himself a post-modern, American visionary and romantic who paints with a touch of socio-political commentary and humor that includes colorful visionary landscapes of the West and beyond--large conceptual oil paintings he coined as utopic displacement. Raised in Wyoming, Art has been painting in oils for over 40 years and is now PainTing BADass Color in Albuquerque with a working artist studio / gallery in downtown Santa Fe on San Francisco Street - Art West Studio. In 2000 he moved from New York City to Taos, New Mexico where he established himself as a Taos Icon and post Taos modernist following in the tradition of the Taos School. In 2006 he won best representational painting at the Taos Fall Arts Festival "Taos Invites Taos" (now the "Taos Select"). He is represented by several galleries around the west including Scottsdale and Taos.

    In 2013 he took on the professional name Art James West (Art West) and moved his studio to Santa Fe.

    Originally from Wyoming, Art West is and listed in The Artist's Bluebook as Alan Heuer.

    When in Santa Fe you may visit Art West's Studio @ the Plaza Mercado, Suite 109, 112 W. San Francisco Street right off Santa Fe Plaza

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